When others fall, we rise

“Confidence determines the direction of the market, and emotions are the driving force of market value. In a bullish-bearish game, when the bear accumulates to 35%, the bear wins.” —— Founder of Angrycoin

the short nemesis of cryptocurrency

You have numerous options in the bull market, but in the bear market, Angrycoin is your only choice.
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About us

In May 2021, Richard X, the founder of a well-known Wall Street hedge fund, together with a keen businessman from Middle East, psychologists, mathematicians, several forces from Silicon Valley, as well as a Middle East oil fund investor, came together, and formed an elite team.

How it works

Based on the framework of monetary finance, investment psychology and computer distributed algorithm, the founding team of Angrycoin carefully selected multiple advanced public chains to enact decentralization contracts.

About Angrycoin

Angrycoin is a bearish sentiment cryptocurrency. When the cryptocurrency market falls, investors lose their bullish sentiment and choose an inverse function currency. Angrycoin is like the other side of the coin, representing the sentiment of many bearish investors.

Our mission

Angrycoin carries the antithesis of all cryptocurrencies, providing investors with a value reference in a cryptocurrency world where there is no value but only price. The team is willing to subvert tradition, nonsensical satire of reality, fair democracy and digital justice.


Frequently Asked Questions

Currently Angrycoin is only open for yield farming. Angrycoin will be soon listed in various exchanges for trading. Kindly refer to official announcements on our social media for more information.

You should download a crypto-wallet App with a browser, eg: imToken, Tronlink, TokenPocket etc., and create a wallet for Tron (TRX). Ensure you have enough TrxUSDT and TRX for the Gas. Now you are ready to mine.

Select a Tron(TRX) wallet in the app and open the browser. Input the mining link and you will see the mining pool. Tap the menu in the top right corner and selecct “exchange”. Return to the mining page after you exchange enough Angrycoin and pledge.

The maximum supply is 2100 trillion. 100 billion is mined in the first year and 50 billion is mined every year afterward. For more information, please refer to the whitepaper.

You are allowed to collect your profits once it reaches a minimum of 50,000,000 Angrycoin.

In order to reward hardworking miners, the more you invest, the higher the yield rate.

Currently there are no plans for airdrops. The team will consider enabling airdrops in the future, and announce it in our official channels.

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